Spritual & Community Animation

The Spiritual & Community Animation service is an essential part of the educational experience as it teaches students to demonstrate compassion and engage in community service, developing their self-worth and boosting their confidence.

An education for the heart

Compassion education is the only volet that educates the heart, and helps our students become more intelligent in compassion, justice and the care of others. Many recent studies show that compassion education is a primary factor in raising the successful learning level in all other academic subjects so that they may also excel in math, science, music and physical education.

We are raising the next generation of active citizens, which requires the formation of conscience, values, and awareness of the people and the environment around them.

Giving back to our community

Community centred programs and activities help build relationships between students and promote self-worth of those participating, as well fostering respect and development of their peers.

Through implementation of the model that was introduced as a result of Bill 118 and which is steadfastly observed at EMSB, Spiritual and Community Animators carry the in-school work on Bill 56, including: Peer Mentoring Programmes, participation in Safe-School Committees, Anti-Bullying Programs (Ometz, Red Cross), Promotion and Prevention programs (CQTS).

Community Action: Development of social conscience such as the importance of making a difference through community service, e.g. food banks, soup kitchens etc.
Cultural Diversity: Advancement of understanding and acceptance among cultures.
Healthy Schools: Prevention and promotion - Substance abuse, awareness and prevention (e.g. tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling). Animators deliver this program working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health.
Identity and Belonging: Allowing students to become active members of their school, their local community and the global community, thus reducing the risks of radicalization.
School Perseverance: Promotion of Hooked on School program including development of peer-to-peer initiatives, such as mentoring programs. Successful transition from preschool to primary and from primary to secondary.
Spiritual Development: In other words, character, virtues and values education – learning to make wise decisions and to discern right from wrong. Development of core values and basis of critical thinking – teaching students to act and think ethically. We are engaged in helping students develop spiritual maturity.
Trauma and Death Helping students, families and the school as a whole through times of crisis.
Violence Prevention: Anti-bullying programs – Red Cross Beyond the Hurt Program
Month Theme Event Activity
Sep Friendship / Cooperation International Day of Peace Class Visitations
Oct Gratitude Thanksgiving Class Visitations
School Assembly
Volunteering at Benedict Labre House
Nov Courage / Respect Remembrance Day
Class Visitations
School Assembly
Dec Generosity CTV Spirit of Giving Collection of non-perishables
Class Visitations
Jan Unity Becoming a Better Me Workshop
Class Visitations
Feb Love / Kindness Black History Month
Huggies Valentine's Day Program
Class Visitations
Mar Balance Spiritual Retreats Class Visitations
Field Trips
Apr Compassion Senior Citizens Visit Class Visitations
School Assembly
May Patience Cook for a Cure - Alzheimer's
Denim Day - Breast Cancer
Class Visitations

RHS Spiritual & Community Animator

Mr. Vince Lacroce vlacroce@emsb.qc.ca


The Spiritual & Community Animator is at school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Appointments can be made at recess or after school.