Health & Guidance

A student's overall health and wellbeing is very important. Rosemount High School provides health and guidance services for each one of our students. As a public school, we have access to a team of trained professionals who care about our students and provide free, confidential services.

Guidance Counselling Services

The school guidance counsellor is someone who can help students better understand themselves, so they can make the best decisions for their own futures. The guidance counsellor provides academic, career and personal counseling services.

Together, a counsellor and a student explore solutions to personal, social and academic problems which may adversely affect a student' s progress at the school and overall well being. A counsellor also offers information and guidance regarding post-secondary plans.

Confidentiality, Your Right, My Responsibility. Once a student is over 14, they have the right to confidentiality. Only with the student's permission can a counsellor break confidentiality.

However, a guidance counsellor is obliged by law to break confidentiality if:

  • You are at risk of harming yourself.
  • You are at risk of harming someone else.
  • You are being harmed by someone else.
Academic Counselling: Counsellors serve as a resource to offer suggestions to students who are struggling academically. Counsellors also keep a list of names of peer tutors and private tutors for those interested in receiving extra help after school.
Career Counselling: A counsellor assists students with developing career objectives. Students develop an understanding of the relationship between personal qualities, interests, skills, education and training.
Personal Counselling: Personal counselling involves talking with a person in a way that helps that person solve a problem. Counselling can also help a person to understand and/or improve his/her behavior, character, values or life circumstances. Students talk to a guidance counsellor about various personal issues, for example: peer pressure, relationships with friends and family, self-esteem, stress, and feelings of sadness, etc.
Testing: A counsellor can administer psycho-educational tests to evaluate a student for learning difficulties. They can also provide testing to help determine a student's career related interests and abilities.
Program Description
Hospital Opportunity Program (HOPS) The Hospital Opportunity Program for Students (HOPS) provides an opportunity for students to observe and assist medical personnel with a large hospital setting. The Auxiliary of the Jewish General Hospital arranges for students to spend ½ day per week for 2 five-week periods in various departments of the hospital.
Career Exploration Program Students are placed for either a half or full day in a profession or trade of their choice. Through observation, discussion, and sometimes practical work, students learn the many facets of a particular occupation. This program is offered to Secondary IV and V students.
Student for a Day Program Secondary IV and V students can spend a day in a program of their choice at a Cegep and/or trade school.
Encounters with Canada Program Encounters with Canada is a unique opportunity for Canadian teens to meet other young people from across the country. Spend an adventure-filled week in your nation’s capital! Check out future career options, discover your country, share your hopes and dreams.
Student Ambassadors Selected secondary III, IV, and V students are chosen to represent the student body during school functions such as open house, parent-teacher nights, and school music concerts.
Peer Tutoring Secondary IV and V students with strong academic backgrounds can work with students from secondary I to III, for $9 an hour from Monday to Thursday.